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Bob Batch is a veteran of more than 10,000 shows and has worked with everyone from Ray Charles to Robin Williams. Bob has appeared on NBC's The Today Show, ABC's Good Morning America, Showtime's Comedy Club Network, A&E's Comedy on the Road and America's Funniest People. He was asked to perform for the governors of all 50 United States and since then, has kept busy cracking up State Legislatures, NBA Teams, National Conventions, Professional Associations, Trade Unions, Correctional Institutions and every imaginable group of people that can be sat together....or not.


San Francisco Examiner

"Haven't seen Bob Batch? SMATTER CHEW?"

Louisville Courier Journal

"Bob Batch is a little reminiscent of Tim Conway, hurling streams of slightly bent jokes from behind an innocent face, then breaking into a contagious giggle. When working at a full gallop he looks like a Methodist minister's son turned loose on boys night out."

Denver Post

"Bob Batch is enthusiastic, wild and funny."

Boston Globe

"A loony Kentucky comic had them rolling in the aisles."

Scott La Duke, Manager Hilliard Lyons/PNC Bank

"Three days later we are still talking about some of your lines. I told some of my coworkers this morning what they missed. I knew it would be fun. But I had no idea you would be so good!
You are a master of your craft. At one point, I couldn't even catch my breath, as I was laughing so hard. My throat got sore and my eyes were watering. Shopping with your wife, the University initials, and those crazy sound-it-out words were all excellent."

Mark Klein

"Bob's a great guy. I used to be in a partnership with him and he remains one of my best friends today in comedy and out!"




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